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Come and discover the skills of master brewers at the Brasserie des Eaux Vives de Romerée. From the malt flour to the final tasting, beer will have no secret left for you.

The Brasserie des Eaux Vives is located in Romerée, a village in the province of Namur, between Philippeville and Givet: a superb region crossed by the Arthur Masson road and the ever so pleasant Ravel route.

The Mamzelle Bibiche

Master brewers invite you to try the Mam'Zelle Bibiche, a traditional beer with no added sugar nor spice. During your visit, you will learn how this refreshing drink, with its pleasant bitterness is brewed.
The many steps of the brewing will be explained, from the malt to the tasting time, via the production, filtering, simmering, fermentation, bottling and labelling.

The brewery, right in the heart of the village, is a stunning stone building dating back to 1737, fully renovated and listed as heritage monument of Belgium.

Visits for individuals and groups at weekends, 11 am to 6 pm.



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