Cycling through the Fagnes region | Cycling trails in Wallonia

  • Cycling through the Fagnes region | Cycling trails in Wallonia
  • Mountain bike ride

This 55-km bike trail is a fantastic adventure through the natural setting of the Fagnes, at the heart of the Eastern Cantons. A memorable cross-country adventure!

From the Raeran castle, you will be on the Vennbahn green belt very quickly: this former railway will take you all the way to the forest of Osthertogenwald and the Fagnes plateau.

8 km further, you will reach Germany. The road will fo up and up, the forest will slowly fade away. As you get closer to Konzen, high grass and carpets of thick sphagnum moss on each side of the road. No doubt, you are no in the Fagnes region!

You will now leave the Vennbahn to take the Velo Tour network, which roads are traffic free. The path now goes down, the landscapes and atmospheres changing quickly as you cycle. Once you get to the lake of Eupen, you will even feel in the far North!

A highly recommenced day out.

Practical information

Type of road

RAVel (asphalt roads). Superb road through the Fagnes region on the way back.

Type of bike

Trekking bike (for the gravel roads)


A 55-km loop: steep slope after the lake of Eupen.


From 12 y.o.


From the castle (Burgstraße 103 4730 Raeren), cycle towards node 48 then 47, which will take you to the Vennbahn.


From the Raeren castle, cycle towards node 48. Once on the Vennbahn, go through Roetgen in Germany. You will find the following nodes in Simmerath: 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 46 and 48.


In front of the Raeren castle.

Information on the walk




Minimum distance55 Km


Minimum duration5:00


The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.