The Famenne region | Cycling trails in Wallonia

  • The Famenne region | Cycling trails in Wallonia
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  • Saint-Etienne church in Waha - stained windows by Jean-mi - hike - cycling
  • Saint-Etienne church in Waha - stained windows - Marche-en-Famenne
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This itinerary will take you along beautiful landscapes typical of the Famenne region such as the Gerny Heights, a vast agricultural plain.

Join the Maison du Tourisme, beautifully built and dedicated to cyclists.

Aside from the node network through the city, Marche-en-Famenne find pride in the beauty of its cycling paths, especially the one integrated to the boulevard du Nord.

Leave the town to join Wallet, nestled in the rock depression of the Famenne. Further on, you can admire stunning buildings, especially in Aye: the Ferme du château, the manor, the Ferme Tavys...

Cycle north, enjoying the landscapes, particularly pretty in the summer light. From Humain, the Gerny Heights overlook the Ardenne hills to the East and Condroz ones to the West, as if you were on the region's spine.

Towards the end of the trail, the Saint-Etienne church in Waha, a remarkable Romanesque building listed cultural heritage of Wallonia, is really worth a stop. Step inside to enjoy the play of colours created by artist Jean-Michel Folon's stained windows.

Good to know

The cycling paths through the Ardenne heights organise, every year, special 56 to 204 km trail for expert sport lovers, starting from Marche.

Practical information

Type of road

Low traffic roads and RAVel

Type of bike

VTC bike


An effortless trail through the countryside surrounding Marche-en-Famenne. Just be careful when crossing the N86 to join Waha.


From 8 y.o.


From the Maison du Tourisme (node #27), head towards node #104


Follow the nodes # 104, 103, 110, 109, 107, 32, 31. Leave the network and head straight towards the N86. Cross it then continue 100 m on the left. At the traffic light, turn right towards Waha (cycling path). Turning left at the church, cycle towards Marche-en-Famenne, via the rue du Bondeau. Take the rue Saint-Esprit on the right (just after going above the N4) to find node #30. Get back to the Maison du Tourisme via nodes #25, 24 and 27.


Maison du Tourisme, Place de l’Etang, 15 - 6900 Marche-en-Famenne.






Information on the walk




Minimum distance18 Km


Minimum duration2:00


The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.