The Saint-Pierre mountain and the Maison de la Montagne (Lanaye)

  • Education to nature
  • Walking or hiking

The Saint Pierre mountain, marking the border between Wallonia, Flanders and the Netherlands, is a limestone massif with its own microclimate. Visitors stopping at the Maison de la Montagne Saint Pierre can learn of its rich fauna and flora in an interactive way.

The Maison de la Montagne Saint Pierre

The galleries present the history of the region together with its botanical values. The local microclimate, specific to the mountain, proved perfect for orchids, beetles, bats, hymenopterans (over 500 species - bees and solitary wasps mainly) and, once upon a time, mosasaurs, giant (half whale, half reptilian) dinosaurs which appears in Jurassic World

A vast network of hikes and cycling trails starts from the Maison de la Montagne Saint Pierre, which also organises guided tours in this surprising natural reserve.

The Saint-Pierre mountain

The limestone massif mountain reveals picturesque villages, fortresses, castles and stunning streams. There are 20 stunning walks to discover:

  • the rare local flora blooming there
  • cavities and caves
  • 60 km of underground galleries where bats come to hibernate
  • calcareous grasslands. 




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