Pouhon Pierre le Grand de SPA, Immersia et Joan Mirò

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The splendid 1880 Pouhon Pierre le Grand, offers you  "Spa Experience" a 360 degree film and a permanent Joan Mirò.art collection.

The Pouhon Pierre le Grand is the place which is thought to be the first place the famous spa water was collected. It also house the Tourist Office.

Immersia, the virtual experience at Spa

Le Pouhon and the Tourist Office invite you to discover the riches of the City of Eaux and its region thanks to virtual reality. For 5 minutes you fly over the Fagnes, immersing yourself in 24 Hours of Spa, on the most beautiful circuit in the world, or take part in the Carnival of Stavelot. You expetrience the whole thing as if you were there in 360 degrees splendour, thanks to a multimedia mask.

Joan Miró, permanent collection

Pouhon Pierre le Grand art space is honoured to exhibit a hundred original works by the Spanish master Joan Miró: watercolors, lithographs, drawings, engravings, collages and ceramics.

Most of the works present at this permanent exhibition are unknown to the public or are being exhibited for the very first time.



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