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The arboretum nestled in the Bois de la Vecquée offers a splendid green space in Seraing, near Liège

The Bois de la Vecquée

Framed in the North by the town of Seraing, in the East by the village of Boncelles, in the South by the Condroz road and in the West by the forest of Neuville, the Bois de la Vecquée stretches over 670 hectares. Its altitude varies between 12 and 170 m.

The Arboretum

There are many species to admire in this 6 hectares wide arboretum:

  • Hardwoods and softwoods from Europe, Asia, North America, some being quite rare
  • A sequoia planted in 1916, from the same family of evergreens as the ones known in California


Arboretum du Bois de la VecquéeRue Pleinevaux 350,4100Seraing
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