The Lenoir arboretum near La Roche-en-Ardenne

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By the Ourthe river, conifers and hardwoods grow peacefully. This is just a little part of the Robert Lenoir arboretum, which 22 hectares stretch over meadows, forests, wetlands... 3,000 tree and shrubs species thrive here, the most common ones being maples, spindles, rowans, oaks, cherry trees, rhododendrons... It even counts 29 trees which circumference is the largest in Belgium.

Nature rules

The estate, managed by the Espaces verts du Service Public de Wallonie (SPW-DGO3), gives priority to an ecological approach. Pesticides are therefore left aside, leaving space for spontaneous vegetation. Shelters have been built to help honey gathering insects, birds and animals alike.

A soothing atmosphere

Created in the 30s by M. Lenoir, the arboretum featured at the time a water mill by the petit canal de l'Ourthe. Islets appeared here and there, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. Rather than organising the tree species by category, Lenoir preferred to give the estate a less structure, naturally wild look.



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