The Heid des gattes | A nature reserve in Aywaille

  • Woodland, nature reserve or natural area

This 60 hectares wide nature reserve by the Amblève is a real gem! Do make a detour to admire its incredible biodiversity.

A fascinating site

  • Goats: they gave their name to the reserve (Gatte means goat in Walloon). Their coat and hooves carry seeds from one grazing site to another, helping plants spread their growth.
  • Insects: some very rare ones, exceptional in that part of the world for some.
  • Birds: Look up: you might very well see an eagle owl or peregrine falcon...
  • Amphibians: salamanders love to hide under dry fallen, dry leaves, branches or stones
  • Rocks and landscapes: the reserve is on the south side of the hilly landscapes of the Condroz. From the top of the cliffs, you will have stunning views on the Ardenne massif, the Calestienne, the Famenne and nearby valleys.


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