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The Deux Ourthes nature park can be found in the north-west part of the Province of Luxembourg, along the Grand Ducal border and includes 6 communes: Bertogne, Gouvy, Houffalize, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Sainte-Ode and Tenneville.

Its territory stretches over the steep relief of the Ourthe valleys and covers 76,000 hectares.

Preserved nature in the Ardenne

  • The highlands with their heathlands and peat bogs offer a rich biodiversity. The culminating point, the Fagnes du Plateau des Tailles is at 650 m.
  • Superb valleys nestled against steep, tree planted slopes
  • Many pathsalong the Ourthe river and clear water streams

Two Ourthes rivers

  • The Eastern Ourthe starts in the commune of Gouvy, slaloms through the countryside and rushes towards Houffalize
  • The Western Ourthe flows quickly through Saint-Ode, then between Tenneville and Bertogne before reaching its sister near
  • The two rivers then continue towards La Roche-en-Ardenne

A real paradise for hikers

There ae so many paths to choose from! The most famous is the Escapardenne - Eilseck trail. 104 km llong, this trek can be divided in 5 segment. It starts in La Rocheen-Ardenne and ends in the Ducy of Luxembourg.

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