The Spa-Tahanfagne arboretum

  • Arboretum
  • Woodland, nature reserve or natural area

This arboretum is nestled in a state-owned forest is just 3 km away from the town centre of Spa. 9 hectares wide, it was planted on a 450 m high, exposed plateau with a low slope heading North.


  • The arboretum as you see it mostly dates back to 1932 but a number of trees were there from 1916
  • Other species had beenplanted as early as 1898 as an experimentation bud sadly have not survived

Don't miss...

  • The many coniferous trees, including the Abies magnifica planted in 1920 (1.5 m circomference, 33 m high)
  • The Maison de la Nature et de la Forêt du Domaine de Bérinzenne nearby
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