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Step into Patisserie Jacobs in Dinant to try a couque, the traditional local cake, baked by the family for many generations.

The Jacobs have been keeping the tradition alive since 1860, passing down the recipe from father to son. They are one of the oldest families making this Walloon treat.

The Couque de Dinant is a biscuit made from wheat flour, honey and sugar. Baked at a high temperature, the honey caramelises quickly. Cooling down, the couque hardens, exactly like a caramel would. The Couque de Rins, made without sugar, is a soft textured variant.

Patisserie Jacobs organises visits for groups, starting with a video presenting the process. The tea room can host up to 60 persons.

Practical information

Group visits (8 persons min.) by appointment only
Price: 2.5 Euros per person, which you can then deduce from any purchase of a couque (5 Euros min.) during your visit.


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