Upignac: foie gras from the Ferme d'Upigny

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Urpignac, proud of 30 years of expertise, specialises in duck and goose foie gras> a real gem of the Walloon terroir.

The Ferme d'Upigny and its foie gras

The farm, created in 1985, guarantees high quality products. The ducks and geese are grown in the countryside then hand fed.

The foie gras are home made and feature signature recipes (with spices, cooked or raw) and are on sale vaccum-packed or in jars.

Duck or goose?

Goose foie gras is beige in colour, with a light pink shade and is delicate and soft in taste.

The duck one is ocre turning towards pink, Its taste is more powerful, more authentic.

The story of foie gras

Egyptians were the first one to appreciate this dish... 4,500 years ago. They had noticed geese overfed before migrating. They tamed them then offered a diet based on figs.

Romans were the next ones to fall for the treat, which was enjoyed all over the empire.

Christophe Colomb, discovering America, would bring back the corn feeding technique, now used throughout Europe.

Tips from the Ferme d'Upigny

Wondering where to start, what to pair it with? This link will tell you all...



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