The Aisne Tourist Tram (TTA)

  • Come aboard the Aisne Tourist Tram (TTA) in Erezée
  • The Aisne Tourist Tram (TTA)
  • The Aisne Tourist Tram (TTA)
  • The Aisne Tourist Tram (TTA)
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The TTA - the Aisne Tourist Tram - runs along part of a former railway road in the Ardennes.

An off the beaten track adventure

From the entrance of the station (which facilities include a cafeteria and museum), vintage carriages, some a hundred years old, will take you for a ride through forests and hilly landscapes, left untouched by time.

Running parallel to the river Aisne for most of the way, this unusual journey will show you the typical fauna and flora of the Ardennes.

You will find more information on  the opening times and routes on the TTA website.





  • Cafe
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