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Sébastien Demanez, a former banker, chose Sainte-ode to start his new career: brewing organic beers. He opened the Brasserie Demanez in 2014, near the Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes.

His organic range, brewed from the best malts and hops, is worked as high fermented beers with a second fermentation in bottle.

The brewery produces the following:

  • La B.R. Blonde
  • La B.R. Triple
  • La B.R. Noël

Why B.R, you wonder?

Having worked in finance in a former life, Sébastion Demanez wanted to keep a hint of his past in the name of his creations. He is, indeed, a B.R.: a Banquier Repenti (Repentant Banker) but also a Brasseur Réjoui (Rejoiced Brewer)!

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