La Maison du Pèket, a Bistrot de Terroir® serving Liège's favourite fruit brandy

  • Café & authentic brasserie

Liège has many culinary specialties, one of them being the Pèket, a fruit brandy infused with Juniper berries. The best place to try it? La Maison du Pèket, which offers an amazing range of flavours.

The temple of Péket

La Maison du Pèket has a fascinating collection on its shelves: red, pink, yellow, blue, lilac, flamed even. There are over 30 different tastes to try. They are served by shot... or by metre.

You can try the following terroir products on site:

  • Péket Charlemagne
  • Péket Espérance Commerciale
  • Péket Ewe di Mouse
  • Boulets à la Liégeoise

The soul of the Fiery City

Nestled in Liege's historic quarters, La Maison du Péket is a square block of 18th century residences, fully renovated and linked together.

Party lovers will love its welcoming, cheerful spirit and the happy mix of both locals and tourists.

A bar full of surprises

La Maison du Péket's direct neighbours are the Amon Nanesse restaurant, a well-loved, typical restaurant and the L'Impasse night club. Visitors can access both by wandering through the many rooms of the building, going from one atmosphere to the next.

There also is a terrace to enjoy on sunny days.

Bistrot de Terroir®

The Bistrot de Terroir® label is given to cafés and bars typical of Wallonia. You are guaranteed an authentic atmosphere there as well as a convivial atmosphere, quality service and of course regional dishes. Perfect to experience the region like a local!

Let the many flavours of La Maison du Pèkèt  put a spell on you.


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