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Discover Viroinva in the province of Namur, South of the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region: a real paradise for hikers.

The Tourist Office is open every day of the year and the team speaks both French and Dutch.

Have a look at the official website when planning your holiday. The "tourism" section offers daily updated information on what's on in the area.

The Tourist Office, on-site, offers a helpful selection of brochures in both languages: guides, guides for groups, leaflets and maps on Treignes, known as the village of museums, maps of the many walks and cycling trails around, information of the events taking place...

You simply can't get bored in Viroinval

The region offers an amazing network of 38 signed walking trails (all loops), 300 km in total. The paths are maintained on a daily basis, the viewpoints kept clear, benches, picnic tables and BBQ areas have been to the itineraries, as well as stairs and bridges over the streams. Viroinval definitely is a hike-friendly area.

Love Nordic walking? There is a MC park with 15 different routes in the region.
Mountain bike enthusiast? Make the most of the 100 km cycling routes between Belgium and France.

6 reasons to visit Viroinval

  • The Jardins d’O de Nismes, perfect with family, friends or for a romantic day out, can be visited on foot or onboard an electric boat.
  • The region's 8 villages are a wonderful invite to wander endlessly
  • Vierves and Treignes both have interpretative trails, offering a permanent, free guided tour
  • Treignes has 4 museums: the Espace Arthur Masson, the Chemin de Fer à Vapeur des Trois Vallées, the Ecomusée du Viroin, the Musée du Malgré Tout and the Musée du Petit Format
  • In Olloy, you can discover the brand new Folkloric legends centre
  • There's always something going on through the year: the Nature Park fair, the sheep den fair, the mushroom weekend, market terroirs, a night market in August, the Toine Fair, the steam festival...

More information can be found on the official website.


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