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The Château de Franchimont is an 11th-century medieval fortress, built on a rocky peak dominating three valleys north of the Ardennes, about 8 km from Spa.

The history of the castle

The current remains of this ancient stronghold of the former principality of Liège bear witness to a spectacular medieval fortified castle adjusted at the start of modern times. The 11-12th century castle is at the heart of the fortress, encircled by a large wall featuring artillery dating back to the early 16th century. 

Louis XIV’s troops sadly demolished it in 1676. What was left was ravaged and pillaged during the French Revolution. The remaining structures still are worth  a detour: thet are a rare example of the evolution of defence systems during the Renaissance, its blockhouses and their underground entrances being the star attractions of the visit. You can learn more about this gem of the Walloon heritage through an interactive visit with an audio guide.

The museum of the Château de Franchimont

A museum and a screening room, nestled in the basement of the welcome centre, will help you travel back in time to explore the story of the castle. History lovers will particularly appreciate the galleries featuring objects found during archaeological excavations. Some pieces give interesting insights, the evolution of china dishes for example.

Visitors can learn about this incredible piece of Walloon history by listening to the audio guide. Guided tours and medieval themed animations are organised throughout the year.

Visitors with specific needs

The castle is partially adapted to persons with reduced mobility. Specific parking spaces have been designed for them close to the entrance.

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