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The Viroin valley, with its picture-perfect landscapes, offers a wonderful selection of nature walks. Among these are the Jardins d’Ô, a pure invite to relax.

The valley, at the confluence of the Eau Noire and Eau Blanche rivers, is an ode to tranquillity. The Jardins d'Ô, located in the Viroin-Hermeton nature park between Couvin and Viroinval, are sure to enchant you.

In the gardens

Rivers, canals, waterfalls, ponds, didactic games will delight all generations, together to the many water-themed activities:

  • Liot castle
  • the children's island
  • electric or rowing boats
  • the wood planted archipelago
  • the frogs' pond
  • touristic train
  • the wilderness islands
  • the green carpet
  • the three torrents
  • the Action Sud cultural centre

Please note swimming is not permitted.

Add a little romance

... and rent a boat: the perfect way to create sweet memories.

A preserved region

Looking forward to exploring the area? Make the most of the hiking, Nordic walk and mountain bike trails around. The Viroinval Tourist Office has maps and brochures available should you be tempted.




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